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About Us


Margaret Ann Cooke worked several jobs to take care of her family. She put herself through nursing school and served as a Licensed Practical Nurse until her retirement in the early nineties. A dedicated mother and extremely loyal friend, she would put the needs of others before her own. To lessen the financial burden on young working parents, she began taking care of pre-school children at a rate they could afford. Oftentimes doing it for FREE.   

Although Margaret passed away in May of 2010, her essence serves as the cornerstone on which The Margaret A. Cooke, Foundation is built. We plan to honor her by serving as a grant making public charity. The MAC Foundation through an RFP Process will make financial resources available to organizations that have historically had trouble assessing traditional sources of capital. We also provide back-office support to include business plan development, IT support, financial services, professional guidance and coaching necessary for sustainability to start up and or grass root organizations dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others.

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